NOREYA Technology e.U. offers its customers and business partners holistic solutions in the field of IT services. In addition, the company specializes in the development of innovative products in the areas of smart home, building and industrial automation. Thanks to the motivated NOREYA team, great projects are developed and new products are brought to market that meet the customer’s requirements.



The NOREYA team offers its customers their technical knowledge and precise working methods in the form of IT-services. The best possible solution is provided for every concern by an individual assessment. Competent communication and fast execution provide customers with a holistic added value.

The NOREYA team guarantees professionalism and comprehensive solutions!


NEXUS Platform

The NEXUS platform is a state-of-the-art, fully modular control system, which was developed for the optimization of smart home devices. With this invention, the conventional principle of Smart Home is set to a higher level. The NEXUS platform allows customers a perfect coordination and connection with all smart home devices, as well as the absolute freedom of choice when setting up their own smart home.