Smart Home

“Smart Living” – a term that is becoming increasingly important in our digitized society. The smart home market is highly fragmented, there are countless manufacturers who offer partial solutions for various problems and operate in their own specific solutions.

You want to control your Philips Hue lamps and TP-Link wireless sockets from an app? Do your Bosch radiators pair thermostats with their new heating system and automatically close the windows before they heat? Or turn on the washing machine when the photovoltaic system supplies electricity?

Such smart everyday scenarios are useful and easy to understand, but hardly to implement in practice. Each of these providers uses its own communication standard, which enables control via different gateways exclusively via a manufacturer’s own app. Compatibility between the solutions is not available and even total providers are not able to serve each segment.

With its team of experts, NOREYA Technology e.U. has found a holistic solution to this problem. The vision of our company is to open up the smart home market and offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from this technology. Based on the capabilities and technical know-how of our NOREYA team, we ensure that the requirements of our customers, as well as the high quality of our products and services, are met!


Advantages of Smart living


Energy Efficiency

"Smart Living" enables a high degree of energy efficiency, which is made possible by an intelligent control system. The large number of sensors makes it possible to precisely determine and adjust the energy requirement.


Intelligent living also offers a high level of comfort. With a simple click everything can be controlled. For example, the room temperature can be adjusted on the way home from work, while at the same time the windows close and energy is saved.


Smart Home improves overall security in the home. Countless sensors allow burglary, water and fire damage to be passed on immediately and warn the residents or security services.