NEXUS Platform

Problem solving by nexus


Do you want to start your washing machine when the photovoltaic system supplies electricity? Or close the automated windows before the heater comes on? Combine smart LED lamps from different manufacturers? Numerous companies offer only isolated solutions. Total solutions for these everyday scenarios are not yet available on the smart home market – until NOW! The NEXUS platform delivers the solution!

This hardware and software platform allows smart home devices from different manufacturers to be combined and thus enable cross-vendor networking. All devices can be controlled from a single app.

Unique selling points of the Nexus platform


Manufacturer-independent Support of Smart Home Devices

By relativizing manufacturer dependencies, the NEXUS platform
allows customers absolute freedom of choice when
setting up their smart home.


The NEXUS platform can be dynamically adapted to the intended use by
means of modules and thus allows perfect coordination
with the customer's requirements.

Open Platform

The platform's fundamental openness gives rise to its own ecosystem.

Quality Principle

All modules of the NEXUS platform follow the principle "Quality first".

NEXUS Platform