NOREYA Technology e.U. was founded on March 1st, 2019 by Ing. Richard Schleich.

The company offers IT maintenance services. As NOREYA Technology e.U. specializes in the development of innovative products in the areas of smart home, building and industrial automation, the engineers also work on the implementation of a highly developed hardware and software platform, the “NOREYA NEXUS”. The aim of the project is to develop a marketable product that sets the principle of smart home on a higher level.

Innovation, quality and technical know-how,

these are the characteristic foundations of the NOREYA team’s approach and business drive. NOREYA Technology e.U. offers customers added value to improve their competitiveness. Business partnerships and relationships will be established in order to achieve an optimal and best possible solution to their concerns. Through the fast execution and holistic communication with the business partners, great projects are developed and an optimal customer solution is found.

NOREYA Technology e.U. stands for solution-oriented thinking and performance-oriented action. It is a company where quality and innovation are paramount and customer satisfaction is attributed a great deal of importance.

The NOREYA team guarantees its customers the best possible solution and a holistic added value!